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Roy Chubby Brown may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are lots different teas out there to try.

To understand Chubby, you need to know that he had tough start in life and worked hard to become one of the most successful comedians in the world. His real name is Royston Vasey, which is the name the writers gave to the village in the popular T.V. series ‘The League of Gentlemen’. The team behind the show were big fans of Chubby and used his name as a tribute. In fact, they asked him to play the part of the swearing mayor in some episodes.

In his youth he was constantly in trouble, so he joined the merchant navy to get away from the bad influences in his life that were the cause of his bad behaviour. During his free time he learned to play ukulele, piano, and drums. “I tried the trumpet but it gave me toothache!” he says with a cheeky smile.

Eventually, he joined a local band and caught the entertainment bug. His natural comedy talent shone through and, because of line-up changes, they ended up as a double act named, ‘Alcock and Brown’ (inspired by the famous British aviators). This name spawned his now famous pilot headgear.

Chubby eventually went solo and worked the UK club circuit. He met Bernard Manning at Jollees nightclub in Stoke, who told him, “You’re a great blue comic son, keep it up.” Another time, he met Les Dawson, who advised him, “ If you stop this effin’ and jeffin’ you’ll get your own T.V. show!”

Chubby’s T.V. career didn’t take off, but his highly successful 27 ‘live’ videos (available on DVD) and his hilarious 1997 feature film, U.F.O. along with is touring theatre shows put him at the top of his game, but his biggest fight was still to come.

Australian audiences loved him and his annual tours over there were selling out. His fourth “Oz” tour was delayed due to visa admin problems, so Roy took the opportunity to visit his doctor with a niggling throat problem. Tragically he was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to undergo a major operation followed by gruelling treatment. Thanks to fantastic medical staff and a brilliant surgeon Chubby came through it and he has since donated thousands of pounds to cancer charities particularly ‘Zoe’s Place’ which is a baby hospice based in Middlesbrough (with branches in Liverpool and Coventry).

So if you fancy a good night out and a laugh, you will enjoy an evening with the down to earth comedy legend who says “I’ve never had stars in my eyes, I just like working and making people laugh” But if you are easily offended, then it’s probably not going to be your cup of tea!


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